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Customer Experience: "Disconnects" 


Through our work with countless organizations, we have found a number of common themes or "disconnects" between the desired customer experience and what the organization actually delivers.  Perhaps you can recognize some of these in your organization:

·         Marketing and messaging are not in alignment with delivery capabilities or practices

·         A "one size fits all" approach or lack of customer segmentation

·         Lack of clear roles and responsibilities, especially between Sales and Delivery/Service and Support organizations

·         Lack of cross-functional alignment

·         Lack of an Account Management model and defined "Account Team" with clear ownership of the customer

·         Lack of or antiquated service deliver and support processes

·         Lack of integration resulting in no single repository from which to view the complete customer profile and history with the firm

Significant investments in technology (such as CRM), but are not achieving the intended benefits or ROI.

As you can see, these themes extend well beyond the customer service department.  We have a wealth of experience in identifying these issues and developing a pragmatic approach to resolving them.  We focus on the areas for improvement without throwing out all of the things your organization already does well. 

If you would like to learn more about our services or want to get started, please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss our capabilities and your business challenges to determine if Performance Consulting - NY is a good fit for you.